KlokPack6ix at Innovate Festival

Some pictures of our contribution to the Innovate Festival in Arnhem in 2023, where I, Daniël and Finn exhibited our projects…

  • A DIY kit to grow your own psychedelic mushrooms by Rein
  • A handcrafted arcade machine (+ videogame) called “Maanman”, assembled from found objects by Daniel van der Hoek
  • A shrine by Finn Bekkering dedicated to a satellite that would burn up in the atmosphere that same day. A burning satellite looks exactly like a shooting star from earth. People could reflect on what they would want to wish for, thereby turning technology into a religious object.

Connected by their low-tech, low-budget aesthetic, the projects are a playful critique of the corporate philosophy that seems to drive a lot of innovation in the modern world. 🏦💲