Spring 2020

Description by Eusebi Jucglà

Since the beginning of humankind, we are proficient on leaving our imprint whenever we live. Cave paintings are the first information we have of our own history as humans. The need to leave information and state who we are is distinctive human trait. Inspired by the caves of Maastricht, we were interested on the limited surface of what that cave offered to store information and asked ourselves how a digital space would be if we had an equivalent limitation of physical space.

Cova is a platform to store audio recordings in a digital cave. The cave has limited space to store information. Once all the space has been used, new audios have to be overlaid in older recordings from other people, thus creating a visualization of
what digital limits would be like.

Developed together with Bart Hasskink and Eusebi Jucglà during the project month with the theme Energy at Interaction Design ArtEZ.